Nowadays every third company that has business online thinks about creating a mobile app or mobile version of their site. 

Mobile app or mobile version of the website

The first question that comes into mind of any business owner is what to choose — a mobile app, An Website or both.

To find the decision that is right for your business it’s important to find out the goal of your Business/website/Application(App) right from the start of your mobile market/website campaign.

Mobile apps always look better from interface point of view, because they are independent from browser or screen size for every mobile device, they are created for certain platform (iOS, e.g.) Upon installation mobile app rarely needs internet for later work.

But Not Individual Install all app(Application) available in the play store or anyother downloading platform. So, Before starting any app u must need a website from where customer directly interact with your app, If your Website look good,  perform better in Google Search Engine then automatically People Install your app for their Preference. 

Do You Think?

If you’re serious about your app, the question is not really whether or not to have a dedicated app website (or app site) to support your app marketing efforts but rather when you should start putting your website live. You’ll need a website for online support and branding anyway (and much more), so why not benefit from its promotional power before your app release?

Here are a few benefits of having a website as soon as you got some of your great designs ready (because you do need great design for your app)-

  • Getting feedback from Potential users
  • Redirecting to your Friends to a Specific Place
  • And many more